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Photos for our Pirates

진심이 아닌 단어는 없어

3798CB3E-948F-4848-AF4F-F8550C58AAC8 - Inas.jpeg

"“ 그대를 생각하면 나는 행복한 눈을 떠요내게는 가장 큰 기쁨이죠 ♡ ” 

- Inas, 17, England


"To the friendships Ateez has brought us ♡"

- Gabby, 20, USA

"너는 내 맘을 물들여 ♡"

- Inas, 17, England

5EBBB684-022F-48C9-8D58-4753073FCCE2 - Max Coventry.png

"Me and my friend, Ellie, at London soundcheck! I was wearing a yeosang guerrilla outfit, and Ellie was a pirate (inspired by Hongjoong)"

- Max, 19, United Kingdom

inbound5562175829356270166 - Camila Arcos.jpg

"20230228, my second ATEEZ concert and one of my happiest memories. "

7E4481ED-A87D-4915-A80E-0ECA5D8D7738 - iliana Fg.jpeg

"2 days after the concert in Belgium🫶"

- atinys friends team, Belgium

inbound6521714037728109877 - A to the Z.jpg

"Thank you for this amazing night! Until we meet again ❤️"

- Leonie, Germany 

D8BCDCF2-B647-4489-B59E-089E83A9EF39 - Helena Skrzypczak.jpeg

"Me and My sister waiting impatiently for the sound check and Ateez concert in itself on march 8th 2023 in Paris 🥹 We will never forget those 2 beautiful days in Paris. I was having very stressful times and thanks to those concerts I was able to relax that’s for sure, but mostly have some fun and break the wall !! ( more like I broke my vocal cords but definitely worth it, if I didn’t have a sore throat I would’ve been disappointed in myself for not screaming/singing powerfully enough ;-; )"

MingiNachoandBob - Sorina Filimon.jpeg

bonus pic of my kittens Nacho and Mingi playing with Bob:) (yes, Mingi kitten raps too he goes MEOW MEOW MEOW FIX ON)

- Sorina, California

03C8B7CA-D473-4EA8-B114-B98CA53596F0 - Alyssa Ripley.jpeg

"fun and cute 2022 concert moment <3"

- Alyssa, 21, USA

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