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Photos for our Star

줄 수는 없어도 하나 꼭 약속 항상 안아 더 꽉

"My little brother and I at ATEEZ’s concert in Toronto/Hamilton"

- Gloria, 23, Canada

6FA3D980-FD57-4EE3-8A45-8BAA7D5ED244 - Aflyn.jpeg

"My poster from the Break the Wall Tour in Canada"

- Flynn, Canada

me - Jenny Tian.jpg

"You helped me get through college!"

- Jenny Tian, 24, USA

36054D3E-15F4-40A4-B733-92C7B69A4ADE - Benedita Rodrigues.png

"8 MAKES 1 TEAM (the caption is a joke btw LMAO)"

- Hii my name is Ni, nice to meet you!

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