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Letters to our Prince

너란 별을 비춰줄게

To Jongho, the one who never fails to make me smile. You’ve always worked hard and given your best and I hope you know how proud everyone is of you. Without you, Ateez wouldn’t be the group you have become and I hope you’re just as proud of yourself. You truly radiate. Your voice is so beautiful, flowing like the ocean tide, soft and soothing but strong and powerful. I will never tire of listening to it. But more than that, your inner beauty truly shows outside of you. With the love and kindness you carry, I have truly come to adore you for the person you are. I couldn’t be more proud to be your fan, and it is my greatest hope you can always look back at what you accomplished with a fond heart and a proud smile. 


To our ever-talented Jongho, with the strength of no others, please continue to stand tall and walk this path with us Atiny. I hope in times of uncertainty, you can not only depend on us but look towards a future in which we will always be behind you, supporting you. You’ve come such a long way and I thank you for choosing to follow your dreams to get to this point. I thank you for always giving so much and I hope even if it’s only through this letter, you receive even a fraction of the love you have shown Atiny. You deserve the stars and the sky; I know you will get them as long as you remain the person you are. 

Love, Gabby

I will stay for you ♡

- Matti

Jongho, Jongho, Jongho… YOU ARE AN AMAZING SINGER! I asked my little brother what he was most excited to see at your concert, and he said to see you sing. You are a beautiful soul, and your joy resonates throughout your body. Only a few singers can make me get goosebumps, and you are one of them! I hope you know how amazing and wonderful you are! We love you!

- Gloria, 23, Canada

Hi Jongho! You’ve been doing so great and I’m so so sooo proud of you for working so hard and doing great for yourself, Ateez, and Atiny :) I am so honored and proud to be your fan and have you as my bias. I wish and hope you feel my energy, love, and cheers from all the way across the world because I am and always will be cheering you on! Thank you for soothing me with your amazing and sweet voice. Whenever I’m down or have too much of any emotion, I can always count on you to level me into a state where I can feel at ease. Please always continue your 쭁ST! I always look forward to them and anything that you release <3 I hope to see you at a concert soon! It’s always so ethereal hearing you sing live, so hopefully I can experience that over and over again as you and Ateez continue to create such amazing music that you guys can share with us in person! Please always stay healthy, eat well, and be happy <3 Thank you Jongho for being you! I love you so much and will forever cheer you on from wherever I am and wherever you are <33

- Lani, 21, USA

Hii Jongho! 

We Atiny love you so much and I hope you never forget that. You are such an amazing person and you always make me smile when I watch you. I hope you never change who you are for anyone because you are perfect the way you are now. ❤️

- Mya, 18, Phoenix, AZ 

To my precious Jongho🐻

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have you in my life. when the kq fellaz performance video was released in 2018, you were the first member to catch my eye, your charm, visuals, and amazing dance skills instantly drew me in <3

Fast forward 5 years and you are still my bias! I’m being serious when I say that you are my most favourite person in the whole world, I adore you so much and look up to you. I think that because we have such similar personalities I really feel connected to you. I could be having the worst day ever, but the moment I see your smile, or hear your voice, I feel like all of the burden and weight is lifted off of my shoulders. I will forever be grateful for the impact that you’ve had on my life, I wish I could tell you in person how much I love you and how much you mean to me.

I’ve been lucky enough to see you twice in concert (in London 2022 and 2023) and I did not stop crying any time you sang. Every time you sang a high note I got goosebumps over my whole body and my eyes filled with tears. This year I had a vip ticket and couldn’t believe how lucky I was to see you up close. Jongho, you are the most beautiful man ever, you’ve got such kind and caring eyes, and a beautiful smile that lights up the whole room. I don’t think you’ll remember, but during fireworks (heat topping ver) you came over to our section and stood/danced. I absolutely lost my MIND and had to grab onto my friends wrist to stop me from falling to the ground, all I can remember from that moment was locking eyes with you and you laughing, I’ll never forget that moment.

I know that you probably hear it so much in fancalls and fansigns, but you truly are the best vocalist, and hearing your voice live is even better than the studio version. You’ve got such a gift and I love how you share it with atiny, I listen to all of your ost’s every day (especially wind). The way that you dance is breathtaking. I’ve been dancing professionally for 13/14 years now and I can really appreciate your dance style. Your visuals are breathtaking, you’re so handsome and perfect and I hope you know that. You’re so funny too, we’ve got a similar sense of humour and I love your silly little dad jokes, you seriously can make me laugh until my belly hurts.

I want you to know how loved and appreciated you are. You give out so much love to atiny and we will all forever be grateful, and try to repay it as much as we can. You do so much for other people, but I hope that you also take time aside and look after yourself too. Eat, drink, and rest plenty! Remember that you always have atiny and ateez right by your side. everybody has days where they feel down, when you’re feeling like this, please don’t bottle up your feelings, you’ve got so many people that are here to listen to you and that would love to help you (the same way that you’ve helped them).

there’s so much more i want to say but i don’t want to overwhelm you with words, I could honestly talk about my love for you for an eternity <3

side note: if you’re looking for new places to travel and sightsee, i’m from scotland and we have some beautiful villages/ cities! i just know that you and your members would absolutely love it here. Edinburgh city centre is beautiful, it’s got lots of tourist attractions. also some of the villages more up north are breathtaking (in aberdeenshire/ the highlands). We’ve got beautiful beaches, forests, castles, lochs, the kindest, most welcoming people ever, and amazing food! I hope that one day you can visit and relax, the fresh air over here really helps to clear your mind!

I hope that you know how many people love you. I can’t wait to see what awaits us in the upcoming years, I hope that you and atiny grow old together. Stay happy and healthy Jongho!

I love you so much🤍🤍

- Ellie, 20, Scotland

Honestly Jongho has inspired me so much, his voice is so angelic and i cannot fall asleep without listening to at least one ateez song with his vocals (inception being the main one). Honestly he has my whole entire heart !

Jongho you're my ultimate bias and I have loved you for many years, please stay happy and get good rest, you're so handsome and talented. I love your personality, you deserve the world and I hope us atiny help you get it. 

- Taylor Lewis, 22, USA

jongho <3 thank you for being the light in my life and someone i can always count on to make me smile and brighten up my day! i have been an atiny since 2019 and you never fail to amaze me with your talent, personality, humor, and visuals. i am very proud of everything you have accomplished and i will always be your supporter 🥹❤️ 

- samaher, 21, usa 

my haribo 💕

i hope every day brings you a reason to be happy. just how you give me a reason to be happy every day

- Amanda

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