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Letters to our Forever

쓰러져도 내 어깨 기댈 수 있게

Wooyoung, how do I even begin to express my love, adoration, & appreciation for you in such a small space.. I will try my ultimate best to put into words what you have done for me, & so many other people. Let me start by saying you have had my never-ending and unconditional love & support for almost 3 years & so many more years to come, my forever. You mean so much to me & atiny, it's a pleasure to be by your side.

Your heart is golden, so genuinely kind..overflowing with so much humility and care. You make others feel special, and doted on. Always making sure others feel safe, and supported, and it’s one of your many qualities that I admire about you. You’re filled to the brim with potential & great character than you are given credit for. It pains me that people can treat you with little to no humanity, because you deserve everything exquisite in this world. You’ve worked hard for it, you've earned it! Pay no mind to judgement or belittling because you are the sun & every star, Wooyoung. You make this world a better place, for me, and so many more. Someone would have to be blind to not be able to see the love you have for what you do, and the love you have for us. 

Keep being yourself, keep being inventive and original. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You are you, and I’m so proud of how far you've come. You’re so wonderful, creative, talented… and I am mesmerized. You never fail to amaze me, ever, that's your effect. In my eyes, you’re everything & more. You are a beacon of light for me, dark moments in my life continuously being illuminated by you.

It doesn't take much to see how charismatic you really are. The way you present yourself, with your endearing ray-of-sunshine persona. I am always rooting for you! You do what you desire, and you aren’t afraid to speak up. Your braveness and strength angers people, because they cannot control that; you inspire me. You and all the members of Ateez have shown me that I can be myself, and self-discovery & self-acceptance is key. You've all taught me so much, and I am beyond thankful. I will always believe you are a magnificent human being. You have an awe-inspiring, majestic personality, and such a grand heart.

This is me saying, I love you with every fiber in my body & every thought in my mind. You mean absolutely everything to me, and I will never stop expressing how grateful I am for your existence. I wish you every inkling of happiness in the universe. There is no one so loving and comforting as you, Wooyoung. You have so much love to give, and you deserve love tenfold. I wish you the best of luck & success in everything you do! You can do anything!

I love to see you smiling, thank you for being you.

A plethora of love to you always, Wooyoung ♡.

⋆。˚ ·‬ 

P.S. — If I got you in trouble for the cake idea in Anaheim, I am so sorry bestie (╥_╥)

- Dom, 22, USA

Wooyoung, the one with the biggest heart and most welcoming smile. I want to thank you and thank you again for reminding me I am not alone and I never will be. I want to thank you for being a member of Ateez and always having so much love to give, it’s made it so easy to love you. Being an Atiny has brought so much more into my life than I’ve ever thought possible. It’s because of you and the people I’ve met being your fan have I really come to realize I never was alone and I’m not, I’ve found the most welcoming community who has continued to show me love.


You work so hard and we can all see it reflected, in your singing, in your dancing, your performances and in the person you always show us, the best person to know. I hope you never feel burdened, however, and remember the beauty of the art you create and you’re always happy with what you do. I will always love and support you and I hope that in much the same way you’ve helped me accept love, you are able to accept all the love we have for you. 

Love, Gabby

Hii Wooyoung I really hope you get to see this message. I know so many fans say this to you every day but you need to hear it more. We love you and we will always be there for you even if it’s through a screen. You work so hard for all of us and we love you so much. Please take a break once and a while you really need it for giving us so much.

- Mya, Phoenix AZ USA

Say the word, I’ll be there ♡

- Matti

Hello! You are doing an amazing job! I am so proud of you. I watched your documentary and your dance. The dance made me so emotional but in a good way. You have really helped me heal from so much and I am forever grateful for that. I love you ❤️

- Crystal S, 27, USA

TO 예쁘고 멋지고 사랑스러운 우리 우영이에게,

우영이와 에이티즈 덕분에 많은 힘과 행복을 받았어요. 매일 웃는 이유가 되어줘서 고마워요.
항상 사랑이 필요하다고 말하는 것을 알지만, 우영은 늘 저와 에이티니에게 가장 많은 사랑을 주셨던 것 같아요. 저는 항상 우영이에게 감사하기 때문에, 이 편지를 썼고 얼마나 특별하고 소중한지 알아줬으면 좋겠어요. 사랑하고 더 사랑해용 ♡ 매일 응원할 거예요! 

FROM 영부인 이가 ♡

- yiga, usa 

Thank you for being the light in the darkest moments in my life, the light that gives me energy and smile, the light that motivates me to do more, achieve more, be more then the day before. Wooyoung, your smile shines the brightest, your laugh fills the whole room with happiness and energy. Thank you for being your genuine self, for being so deep and caring, you show and teach me to always be true to myself, to never accept the wrong in life, to fight for what I believe in. Thank you❤

- E1iza6ete 

Hi! I just wanted to let you know how loved and cherished you are by everyone. You are someone who always sparks joy in a lot of lives and puts a smile on everyone's faces. I will always be grateful for you even though we haven't met, you have no idea how much you help me day by day and inspire me to be a better person. I hope you'll continue to be happy and healthy, take care! I love you <3

- Amparo from Spain!

Hi Wooyoung,
I want to say one thing, thank you so much. Thank you for being there for atiny to provide them happiness. You are beautiful and talented, I can't believe how much you have changed from 2018 till now, I am so grateful that I have been able to see you and ateez as a group grow as a whole ❤️❤️. This year (2023) my mum surprised me with your concert tickets, since last year we failed to get the tickets, I was so grateful for this gift, it was a total shock to me. Now it has been over a month since I have seen you guys on tour and I hope you understand how happy you make me and atiny❤️I love you so much wooyoung❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Laynie :)

Hi Wooyoung! I just wanted to say that I am so proud of you and I’m so glad to have gotten to see you sing, dance, and make everyone laugh on stage. Your laugh makes my day a million times better and I can’t help but laugh with you. Please, never stop being yourself because I really like you as you are right now. 

- Jade

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