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Letters to our Fix On

난 네가 있기에 극복

It’s already been 4 years since we’ve come together as Mingi and atiny, time goes by so quickly and yet we’ve done so much. I cherish all the time we’ve spent together, even from a distance. You have a way of making everything that much more special by simply just being. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face, and for being the funniest, kindest, most introspective, most receptive person. It’s truly an honor to have the opportunity to know you in this lifetime. Thank you for always being brave even when I’m sure it might not be easy to be so. For showing us the strength and courage to place ourselves first and follow our own happiness. Thank you for following your own happiness. This might not be enough to fully articulate how I feel but I am so proud of you.


Mingi, our beautiful, forever-talented rapper. You shine so brightly. Your dedication, talent, drive, motivation, perseverance, joy and passion shows so clearly, thank you for sharing it with us. The art you create and the pieces of yourself you share with us through music are beyond special and not only meaningful but cherished. There’s much to be thankful for, and even more to appreciate. I hope you carry atiny’s love and support with you always and you know you are our pride. 너는 네 어두운 세상에 빛이에요

Love, Gabby

Don’t be afraid, dreams are everywhere ♡

- Matti

Hi mingi I'm very proud to be a fan of ateez and I just want you to know that I really respect what you do and how you love what you do and I'm pleased to be an atiny.

- Kyra 17, USA

Our lovely, handsome, charismatic Mingi… I don’t know how I can even begin to express everything I’d want to say, but here we go. You have provided me with so much happiness ever since I first discovered ATEEZ, right before the release of THANXX. You’ve unknowingly helped me power through hardships in life. Your energy is just so… cool, and through your seemingly effortless confidence, I’ve become more confident too. Even in recent years, you’ve improved so much as a musician and performer, and ATINY recognizes it and are forever proud of the constant effort you put into everything you do. You’re so sweet and lovable, and honestly, such a genuinely good person. It brings me so much comfort. Thank you for everything, always. Hugs! <3

- Juls, 17

Hi Mingi! thank you for being one of the many reasons I decided to start stanning Ateez. It truly has been the best decision ever. seeing you happy with a big smile on your face makes me happy :’) you deserve all the love given to you. I’m so glad that you decided to put your mental health first and I’m even more glad that you came back strong happier and healthier <3 I was only a casual stan starting from 2020 but I like to think that you were destined to be my bias because I didn’t start stanning until after you came back :3 I’ll continue to support you and the rest of Ateez for as long as I can <3

- Kristy

Mingi, you are my inspiration. You inspire me every time I see you. Whether you're being serious or just joking around, you really make my day. Knowing what you went through and how you still press on even though you still struggle with it inspires me to keep going. I know that it is not an easy life that you live but in spite of everything, you keep on. Please continue to do what makes you happy no matter what anyone says. If you need to take another break, you do that. Please know that myself and many others will be right here waiting on you and supporting you to the fullest.

- Tara Natasha, 50, Phoenix, United States

Hi Mingi,

I just wanted to let you know that you’re loved all around the world! As you said, « Paris vous êtes à moi » so we’re all yours. Can’t wait for you to come back in France. You’re our inspiration, love you 💞

- Clarisse, 22, France 

Thank you for making me feel strong <3


Before you and Ateez my life was dark and cold and you came in with great warmth like the sun.

Thank you for always doing your best for Atiny even when it may be difficult for you.

You have a beautiful heart and it’s something I admire the most about you. 
Even in dark and cold times I will continue to support you. Thank you. Eat well. And keep smiling and enjoying life. 

- Priya, 23, USA

Mingi, I'm so happy that you’re here with ATINY and with the other members, you show us even better rap and performance every time, I hope you know that you are as important as all the members in Ateez and not inferior, without you Ateez would not be the group it has become today!
We love you <3

- Mareva, 18, France

안녕 민기! 
나는 당신이 나의 가장 큰 영감이라고 말하고 싶습니다. 당신은 정말 놀라운 사람입니다! 당신은 매우 사랑스럽고 당신과 당신의 노력에 정말 감사합니다! 자신과 멤버들을 돌봐주세요! 당신의 음악으로 저를 살아있게 해주셔서 정말 감사합니다

- Sarah, Germany :))

Mingi, the greatest rapper in ATINY's heart, you are so unique. Sure, many people can rap, but you also have a big personality, you're funny, you perform like no one else, your voice is trademark of ATEEZ and you leave your personal mark on everything you do (apart from being hella handsome of course). 
I hope you keep on loving yourself and realize that you're one of a kind.
And also thank you for showing us your song prod. by you. You shared your heart with us and i know sometimes it's hard to communicate those hard feelings to the world. We love you.

- Eli, 22, Argentina

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