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Letters to our Star

말하지 않아도 항상 빛나고 있어

Seonghwa, my brightest star, and my happiest person. Thank you so much for never giving up, for always continuing to push the bounds of your beliefs, and for always working to show the best sides of you. I cannot thank you enough for always being brave enough and showing us there’s always a way through and to a better place. Thank you for showing me it’s okay to love myself and it’s okay to be happy with myself. You’ve shown me so many happy memories and ways of being the best me possible. It’s not always easy being a source of positivity in a world that promotes so much negativity but you’ve always been a welcoming source of light for us all, a warm fire on a cold winter night. Your heart is so beautiful and kind, truly warming everyone who comes into contact with you. Your beauty isn’t only on the outside but I think the prettiest on the inside. 


You’re ever talented, with the prettiest voice, and the ability to truly make us feel what it is you’re performing. You’re entirely captivating to watch. Thank you for sharing your art and your talent, truly one of a kind. You’ve worked so hard to get here and I hope you can see that it has shown, all of your efforts have paid off and you should be so so proud of yourself the way I am. 


I hope you know that atiny’s will always support you, you can never disappoint us or let us down and we only wish for you to stay happy and healthy so that we can continue to spend the best times together. When you’re feeling any emotions, the good and the bad I hope you continue to feel comforted by coming to atiny’s for whatever it is you need—love, support, a laugh, or someone to listen. You’ve been such a source of support for us, and we want to be the same for you. I and Atiny will always be by your side, but it’s my biggest hope that before us, you are your biggest supporter and the one who brings you the most happiness. Out of all the lifetimes we could've lived, I'm so lucky to be here in this one with you. To live and to love, to learn and to grow together as Seonghwa and Atiny. There are an infinite amount of stars in the sky but you will always shine the brightest in my eyes. I appreciate your presence more than words and cannot wait to continue to walk this path forward.


항상 곁에 있을게요!

Love, Gabby 

You are my starlight ♡

- Matti

Dear Seongwha, you mean so much to me! My mom passed away from cancer at the end of 2021. I have 4 younger siblings, and I’ve had to take on a lot of responsibility and become the “mother figure” in their lives. Although you have a different situation, seeing how responsible you are for your other members really encourages me. Your care for your members shows me how important it is to take care of the people you love. I want you to know that although you’re only a year older than me, you are a role model for me. Every day, I aspire to be as calm and collected as you are. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Keep following your dreams. I know you can do it! We love you!

- Gloria, 23, Canada

Seonghwa!! I love you so much. Thank you for being a person I can look up to. You inspire me to love myself and follow my dreams!! I hope you stay happy, healthy and receive all the love you deserve. You are my favourite star ♡

- Flynn, Canada

- Salma, 20, Morocco

Hello seonghwa! I can't believe that you may read this. My name is Salma, I'm from Morocco! When I first discovered ateez in 2020 I was so happy that you guys filmed your debut mv in my country! I'm glad Park Seonghwa..I remember when I first started learning about ateez it wasn't hard for me to choose a bias because you were just shining and taking my attention like you were calling me! you always say atiny are your stars but in fact, you're my star⭐

Also, I wanna thank you for your existence, you've been always my safe and comfort person because I can relate to you, everything about your personality and how you think and act was always attractive to me, since we share almost the same personality character, you helped me so much to deal with my emotions, you've been my strength source because you're always improving yourself and giving me hope and passion.

I always hope that you're doing well and happy wherever you are, please keep smiling and never feel that you're not enough because you're everything to me and all atiny. I love your soul, please love it too.

I still have so much to say but this will never end.. stay safe!

I love you *your aggressive flying kisses💋*

+Do pink hair again!!!!

Seonghwa you have been such an inspiration to me. The day I found out about Ateez you were the first member to stand out to me and you’ve been my favorite ever since. The way you give your all in anything you do and the way you’re so kind to everyone around you really stuck out to me. We love you Seonghwa <3

- Max

hiii seonghwa! you were the one that caught my eye and got me into ateez in the first place. you seemed like such a genuine and kind person. you always look after the other members and seem like someone i could talk to for hours. i've loved watching you grow as an artist and a person. i'm so grateful to you because you've taught me how to be confident in myself. i just graduated from college, and am currently in graduate school. it's been hard and stressful as i'm coming to the end of my education and have to look for jobs soon. however, being able to read your messages in the fancafe, watching your lives, and all your other content really gets me through the day. thank you so much for being here for us and i hope you know how much we atinys love you!! stay healthy and make sure you're resting! fighting!!

- Jenny Tian, 24, USA

Thank you for being my sunshine and for being part of ateez!! You and the members made my phoenix concert experience the best and it will be a concert I will never forget. I love you so much!! Eat amazing food, stay healthy and get lots of sleep!! 힘이 되어줘서 고마워요 <3

- Mel, 19

you are our star. thank you for shining so brightly for us 

Hi Seonghwa! First and foremost I want to say that you are my bias. I’ve been a shinestar for what seems like years now! Seonghwa you’re such a great person, I’ve only seen you on stage or on video but I can tell that you are a very good person. You have genuine love and support towards atiny which is very comforting. While I study I like to put your youtube lives on and listen to them to help me study. I watch your fan cams a lot and I’m so amazed at your talent and your skills. You have an amazing voice, amazing stage presence, amazing dance skills, I seriously love how you perform. I also got into ateez because I saw you on a video once and decided that I should stan ateez. So I want to say thank you, because of you I’m able to get through hard times and listen to good music. Because of you I smile and laugh. Because of you I go to many ateez events and I’m able to meet a lot of new friends. Thank you Seonghwa and I love you so much! 

- Ava Moore, 17, California USA 

thank you for being my star and always motivating me whenever i am down

- Leea

Dear Seonghwa! You are loved by us all, never forget the day you started, because that’s the start of a new, beautiful chapter of your long life! Atiny loves you including me!! I can’t wait to see where life takes you and ateez next! I’ll always be by your side and never leave🫶 you are the reason I got out of a really bad depression..keep being yourself and know that we love you so so so so so SOO much. I wish to see you again in the future but until then.. FIGHTING 8 MAKES 1 TEAM
Your atiny, Ni

- Ni Germany

Hi Seonghwa! One day in January 2021 I found an Instagram reel of the part in The Real MV where you open the door. At that exact moment I said "OMG WHO IS THIS MAN?!" and that's how I became an atiny. Like love at first sight!
Since then I can only love and appreciate you more and more every day because apart from being handsome you turned out to be gentle, funny, interesting as a person. You're a loveable human being and our brightest star ⭐
Thank you for being the member that got me into ateez ❤️
And remember, liking games, characters, or animated things, and having fun and being silly is okay even if you're growing up!

- Eli, 22, Argentina

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